LCI Forward

Our vision is to be the global leader in community and humanitarian service. LCI Forward is our plan to help us achieve our vision.

The strategic plan, LCI Forward, will guide Lions Clubs International to heightened success over the next five years from 2015-16 to 2019-20. It was developed by the Long Range Planning Committee and is based on the input of the LCI Board of Directors, staff and Lions from around the world.

The strategic issues include priorities to enhance current operations and new priorities in view of significant social and demographic changes. It is vital that the association continue to strengthen current operations, our humanitarian service impact, the operations of clubs, public visibility, while also forging in new directions to expand Lions' brand and explore new humanitarian horizons.

Primary Goal:

To triple our impact worldwide by improving the lives of at least 200 million per year by 2020-21 through expanded humanitarian service.

Moving LCI Forward

Four Areas of Focus and Strategic Initiatives

Enhance Service Impact & Focus

The number of people in need served by a Lions Club - the visually impaired, disabled, people needing urgent assistance and often life-changing medical assistance - has increased sharply (by four-fold) since 2010-11, and is increasing every year.

Reshape Public Opinion & Improve Visibility

The need for voluntary humanitarian service is higher than ever as a result, and we need to remind society of our impact, and what communities could be like without a Lions Club, and what people united in service can do to meet rising needs and build communities of hope and resiliency.

Pursue Club, District & Organizational Excellence Organizational Excellence

We are today the largest voluntary service organization in the world. Continuing to innovate in services to Lions clubs and districts, including further harnessing technology advances, will be essential to our second century of success and expanding our humanitarian service.

Improve Membership Value & Reach New Markets

People have more choices today to serve and give back to their community/people in need. We need to continue promoting new ways for caring people to be involved in our service and provide options for service engagement which are flexible and mesh with today's busy life-styles. We will continue to welcome people of all ages, genders, races and faiths into our movement.

These four areas of strategic focus are linked and interdependent. The outcome of achieving progress in all four will be:

  • more vibrant and resilient communities where humanitarian needs are effectively addressed
  • increased membership and improved retention with the majority of clubs growing every year
  • new ways for people to serve so that more individuals can be part of life-changing service
  • increased awareness of Lions as the world's recognized leader in voluntary service for another century